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Pretty much what the title says. I need a place to rant 'bout kpop stuff sometimes, so why not here?

Now, what's this ramble about? BP Rania and Alex. Honestly, this whole thing is a bit on the old news side of things, but since I saw a video for the group pop up in my Youtube recommended.....kind of got the blood boiling, ya know?

To understand this, let's go back to the start: November 2015. The girl group Rania has a comeback with only 3 original members left and 3 new members. One of those new members is Alex, a black girl. Now, right from day one, there were many people saying that Alex was just a prop, that the company was using her. This was made worse when Alex wasn't in version 1 of the mv and her part in the performances was as follows: walk on, do her rap, walk off. Her lack of knowing korean didn't help things either. The company was all "well, she was having Visa problems, so she couldn't be in South Korea when the other girls were learning the dance or filming the mv." I, like many others, got that. We took those words and responded with "alright, we'll let this go. But she better be part comeback."

Take a wild guess what happened in their next comeback at the end of December 2016 (it took so long 'cuz those three original girls left, one original girl came back (temporarily), and they added three more new girls). Well, as i'm sure you can guess, things didn't change for this comeback. Alex was in the mv slightly more then the last one, she didn't perform with them on music shows, and the outfit they had her in was really different from the other girls, causing Alex to stand out like a sore thumb (apparently Alex was making her own cloths 'cuz the people in charge of clothing the girls couldn't do the job right when it came to her or something like that). The "reason" why she wasn't in the mv a lot (like the bits showing the other girls dancing) was "she hurt her ankle" and thus wasn't able to do much when filming happened. And why wasn't she in the performances? Her ankle should have been fine by then, right? Well, if you figure out a good reason, please let me know. She was in, like, 10% of the lives, just enough to prove that her ankle was fine. All i got is "she's a prop, why would they let her actually do stuff." To make the whole thing feel even worse, Alex had been given the title of 'leader'. Most people are saying that the company is just using her as a prop to make 'em look good, and instead of, i don't know, putting her into performances or giving her more lines, or other things that would make her look like an actual member of the group, you just give her the 'leader' title. Yeah, because that totally doesn't make it look even more like she's just a prop to the stupid, worthless company. <-- Sarcasm to the extreme.

Then promotions for the groups next song, 'Make Me Ah' started. And Alex still wasn't part of it. And trust me, this kicked off a whole new can of shit. You had the choreographer saying that Alex wasn't part of performances 'cuz of her own personal reasons and that the company would love for her to perform with the other girls. You had Alex going onto her own social media and disputing that. Then Alex was part of 'Make Me Ah' performances.

For about a week.

Then the company made a statement about Alex taking a hiatus to film a movie.

Someone, please, explain to me how anyone, anyone at all, can look at all this and not think that Alex is just a prop in the eyes of that company. 

And now the latest bit of news: Alex is no longer a member. As of August 19, she's out on her ass. To make the whole thing sit even worse, just before she was removed, some teaser pics were released for the group's next comeback and Alex was part of them. The company swears that it's 100% not 'cuz of race stuff. If they actually thought anyone would buy that, then they're clearly not very bright. 

And it's like.....even if Alex is partly to blame for nothing being in stuff, even if some of what the choreographer was saying was right.......the company is mostly to blame. Like, if Alex was refusing to do the choreo and acting like a spoiled golden child......why was she thinking she could do that? Becuase the company was treating her like that. And why did they treat her like that? Becuase she really was nothing but a tool and a prop to them.

The whole thing is sucks. Hard. Especially for the girls who are still members and have to deal with the fallout of all this.

It reminds me of a video I saw a couple months ago on Youtube about groups who got fucked over by their companies. My queens Nine Muses were in the video, their label mates ZE:A too. And so was Rania. link to the video:

annnnnnddd, rant done. angry gone. just left feeling drained and a little sad now.


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