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Three Hundred Theme Challenge
#108. Novel
When she was alive, Sloth had loved books. No matter what the weather was like outside, she could always be found in her town's local library, sitting in a corner with piles of books surrounding her like the walls of a castle. Some people had felt it strange for a young girl to spend so much time in the library, but as she got older people stopped caring.
With such a deep love of books, it was only natural that she would start to want to write a novel of her own. Sloth would have loved to write a book just as wonderful as the fictions she had spent most of her life reading. However, fate did not seem to share her wish as she died at the young age of eighteen; burned to death, surrounded by the very books that she loved so much.
After that, writing a novel had been the very last thing on her mind. Between training, fighting the Virtues, and exploring her new boss' massive library, she had almost no time to work on her own personal writing. Once, she had mentioned this detail to Greed in passing, back when she was still young to the whole Hunters job, but he never made mention of it so she often forgot such an exchange had taken place.
It wasn't until several years later, when they had gotten a new Pride, that the matter was even brought up again. Like the stupid kid of seventeen that he was, Pride bugged her about her lost dream until she finally snapped.
"Fine!" she growled, "if it bugs you so much, then I'll try my hand at writing a book."
"Then I can't wait to see what you write," Pride, or Fire as he liked to be called, smiled, "I can't wait to read it when you're done."
Something about his words irked her and she decided then that she would write an amazing novel, one that would blow the young Hunters socks off.
short little thing i wrote for the 300 Theme Challege. staring my characters Pride and Sloth.

yes, i know this is kind of crappy. not my best written thing.

the pic i used is also mine (it's somewhere in my gallary, i just don't know where
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